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Keyboard and Mouse


Create your own trading strategy and automate it with MyBot.*



  • Works with MetaTrader 4 and 5

  • Works with all brokers

  • Large number of supported indicators.

  • Detects and creates supports and resistances on symbols




  • Send commands to activate/deactivate automatic trading (/help)

  • Trade update and information notification system

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Smart MyBot

  • Smart Entry: Automatic break even after a determined number of pips

  • Smart Partial Closing: performs a partial closing of the trade

  • Smart trailing stop

  • And more ...



Money Management

  • Risk in % or in fixed lot

    • Global

    • By pair


  • Activation / deactivation of pairs (Example: XAUUSD can be deactivated)


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  • Anglais​

  • Français​

  • Espagnol​

  • Italien

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And more

  • Trade history and .csv export

  • Constant updates, with the addition of several new features such as:

    • New strategies

    • New pairs / indices

    • etc.

Trading bots development - Human hand fights with bots hand over stock market trading char

How it works?

With MyBot you have 2 choices:

- Use the MyBot strategy: It is a predefined strategy, ready to use.

- Create your own strategy: to do this you have steps that can be interpreted as human questions:

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1. Trade Blocker

Before looking for an opportunity, can I trade this pair now?


You can use 0 or more blockers like:

  • Block during economic news

  • Block trading during a personalized schedule

  • Block trading during the close of New York financial markets

As long as the blocker blocks the pair, step 2 will wait.​

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2. Buy/Sell Detector

I analyze this pair, do I potentially detect a sell or a buy?

You can only use one detector at the same time, such as:

  • Detect a buy/sell with a Bollinger strategy.

  • Detect a buy/sell with a MACD strategy

  • Detect a buy/sell with a Swing strategy (coming soon)


3. Strategy Validator

I detect a buy/sell potential, is this is a valid potential or a wrong position?

  You can and should use multiple validators such as:

  - Validate the potential with the RSI

  - Validate the potential with support and resistances

  - Validate the potential if we are not in Counter Trend

If this step fails, the bot goes back to step 2.


4. TP/SL Determiner

My potential trade on a pair is validated, what will my TP and SL be?

You can only use one Determiner at a time as:

  • In Pips

  • With support and resistance (coming soon)

  • With the Bollinger strategy (coming soon)

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5. Trade Stopper

My trade has started, should I close it for some reason?

You can use 0 or more Stoppers like:

  • Stop my trade if an economic announcement arrives for this pair.

  • Stop my trade if the market will close

Note: Each Stopper has the option to close the trade only if it is in profit or in deficit or both.

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