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Our Trader

It is interesting to know that we created Botty to follow traders ourselves and try to find the rare pearl.

After several tries from followed traders, we finally found one we can trust. As our goal was to find a competent trader, we can now pass this on to you. You know how serious we are about the development of Botty. We put the same seriousness in the choice of our trader! 


Peter Orgon

Peter is an institutional trader who loves Forex and is passionate about Botty.

With our trader Peter, two choices are available to you:

👉 Trade automatically via a PAMM account

👉 Trade automatically via Botty

Here is his Myfxbook: 

For this project, we will operate by affiliation in order to make you benefit from our robot and our trader at no cost. However, your deposit in our broker will be mandatory to have access to the offer for 6 months. We chose to partner with Pu Prime or AxiTrader. As a starting offer, we offer you access to our trader and Botty with a deposit of only €500. 


100% Automatic Trading

Track Record of each Trader

Traders rating system

Over 1000


100% free access

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