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New product: MyBot

Dear Botty Company community member, you have been heard!

You asked us for a robot that would translate for you the trades sent by a trader in Telegram into a trade on MetaTrader and we did it.

Many of you have trusted us and followed thousands of different traders around the world; some had good trades, others not.

In any case, you know that Botty the Bot works perfectly and you trust it.

Many of you also initially submitted feature requests and we did. (See all the additions we made in the blogs).

Thank you for your trust and we will continue in this way!

For some time you have been asking us for a robot that could translate your strategy into an automated strategy, your wish has now been granted.

We are more than happy to present you the latest robot from the Botty Company:


We have created a robot that you have full control and that allows you to create your automated Forex trading strategy.

We have generically implemented multiple trading indicators, so all you have to do is enter the parameters you would use manually and you're done!

In addition, we have created the world's first robot that can block the sending of trades following economic announcements.

In a generic way means that you control the trade blocking setting, buy/sell detection, buy/sell validation, how to determine TP and SL etc.

You have full power and can test your strategy, we recommend starting any test with demo accounts.

We have created 3 types of Trade Detector based on the most used on the market.

- Detect a buy/sell with a Bollinger strategy.

- Detect a buy/sell with a MACD strategy

- Detect a buy/sell with a Swing strategy (soon available)

We have generically coded several types of Strategy Validator such as:

- Validate with RSI

- Validate with support and resistance

- Validate if we are not in counter-trend

We invite you to visit our website to see get more informations:

Multiple additions to create new strategies will be implemented throughout the year via updates, for all requests related to MyBot, please send an email to

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