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100% Automatic Trading

Track Record of each Trader

Traders rating system

Over 1000


100% free access


Our Advantages:

100% Automatic Trading;
The trades of traders selected by you will be automatically replicated on your trading account, depending on the money management set

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Rating system:
We have several traders within Botty Premium who are rated daily in real time by our members.
The average score is 4.5 / 5 for close to 1000 votes.
Each member can rate any trader as long as he has used his signals for a period of at least 1 month.
Each trader has a 6 month test period before they can claim to deliver their signals on Botty Premium.

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Access 100% Free;
Rather than selling subscriptions, we decided to use the affiliation to make access to services free.
This allows us not to charge you server fees, as well as the remuneration of traders.
And at the same time to advise you on the best compatible brokers adapted to the signals offered in Botty Premium.

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